Sunday, May 20, 2012

#10 - Don't settle

When it comes to things you really want in life, you shouldn't settle for less than you deserve.
Definitely don't settle when it comes to important life decisions like finding a husband, a job, or a nice trench coat.
20 Euros...I AM SO EXCITED!
Today, Christine and I went to the flea market right outside of our apartment stretched forever! It's the largest flea market in Rome and obviously so - we spent 6 hours there! It was huge! I dished out about 70 Euros and got some really good stuff.

A look to the left...
A look to the right...
It goes on for further than you can see from here! We had so much fun laughing with and at the vendors and the weather was perfect. It was such a great day to spend walking at our own pace and being emerged in the culture. We used lots of Italian today...Christine and I are getting excited about our expanding vocabulary! We also learned to haggle the prices down with the vendors. We may or may not have bought...

A table of clocks...all of them.
Gas masks...we actually need these in some parts of the city...
Bedazzled jeans. Check those out...

GULP. What?!

Clothes and scarves and hats!

Okay, it's probably obvious what I bought: the gas masks.

What a great day to shop...I loved it! Thanks for going with me Christine!





  1. Loved shopping with you, so much fun!!

  2. Glad you had a great time shopping. News said an earthquake in Italy. Was it near you?

  3. Someone was talking about there being one, but we didn't feel anything here.