Saturday, May 12, 2012

#2 - Fill your days with things that matter

12 hours...12 hours and I will be at the airport boarding the plane with Logan. It is so unreal...I can't believe it! I feel like I'm trying to squeeze everything I can into this last day before I leave. I still have lots of pictures to edit before I go...and emails to send...and things to pack...but everything seems to have taken a backseat to things that have to do with other people. And really, I don't mind that at all. I have had a great last two days here!

Yesterday, I...
- Said goodbye to everyone at work. It will feel so weird not going to work for three weeks and I will miss it!
- Said goodbye to my little sister (BBBS), Nyla, who turns 8 on Monday. I brought chocolate sundaes for her birthday, but I forgot to bring spoons, so as you can imagine, it was an interesting experience! Haha!
- Went to my Granny's to tell her Happy Mother's Day!
- Went to school to finalize things for class...woohoo!
- Took pictures for my cousin's middle school prom...yes, middle school!
- Went to my Granny Wanda's house to visit her and tell her Happy Mother's Day!
- Watched "Monster In Law" with my mom and fell asleep on the couch...and didn't wake up until this morning!

Today, I...
- Worked at the gallery downtown and my best friend Amy brought me lunch. I restocked my pictures...about 20 new photos are in! I met some other people who had traveled to Italy and one lady who is going in July, who has some great travel photos on display at the library.
- Went to church, where I hit people with a blow-up guitar and talked about relationships. Sounds fun, right? It definitely was. What a great place to end your day with.
- Went to visit my aunt and tell her Happy Mother's Day.
- Drank a milkshake my dad made...YUMMM.

Amy visited me at the gallery and brought me lunch!

I feel like I've accomplished a lot, except one thing...I might need to finish packing! Haha! It's kind of important.

*Tooooooomorrow, tomorrow, I'm leaving,'s only a day awayyyy!*
- BriAnnie. Lol, get it? Like Annie?...

AAAAH, it's so close! 

Love you all! Buonanotte!



"The most important things in life aren't things." - Unknown

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