Wednesday, May 16, 2012

#3 - Don't get distracted and miss important things

Are you afraid of missing important moments during your flying experience?

The following are lists of things I may or may not have done, but I have compiled them for your entertainment using photos taken with my Blackberry's camera phone along my trip to Rome.

Don't miss your flight. While you are waiting to board, do NOT:

continuously take pictures of other people boarding flights (while missing the chance to board yourself)

call others over to look at the old MS-DOS-like ATM interface
walk around making smart-alack comments about the names of shops and restaurants in the airport - ex: Tailwind

ride the moving sidewalk, sit on the moving sidewalk, or surf on the moving sidewalk

dine in a restaurant with great food when you obviously do not have time to spare

make a game out of "How long can I wait to get on the metro before the doors close?"

wait until the last minute to exchange currency

attempt quickly to learn another language strictly by reading signs along the airport hallways

Don't miss the important instructions once aboard the aircraft. 
While the announcements are being made, do NOT:

compare illustrations on the safety brochure to illustrations on the 90s show "The Magic School Bus"

take pictures of scenery out the aircraft window
read/shop the SkyMiles magazine

listen to the cries of an extremely bothered infant

Don't miss your luggage at the baggage claim. 
While the baggage is being released onto the conveyor belt, do NOT:

attempt to read names on other people's baggage to see who they are or where they have flown
watch one bag revolve around until someone picks it up
count how many people are wearing blue



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