Thursday, May 17, 2012

#5 - Make friends

Make friends...otherwise, you'll have nobody to talk to about important questions like: "What are those Lion King trees doing in Rome?"

or "Why is there a pigeon looming above Logan's head?"
or  "Are those people really waiting to take people somewhere or are they some sort of flash mob?"

Make friends...otherwise, you could be left alone for an hour waiting for your luggage to show up.

Make friends...otherwise, you will undoubtedly be seated beside a person who will at some point either pick their nose and eat the findings or one of these other seat-mates that Jenny (roommate) has written about in her blog [click here to read it].

Make friends...otherwise, elevator rides with strangers could be a little awkward...and close. Not even kidding, the elevator at the boarding house can probably only fit five people...if you planned it out.
Granted, person number 5 might have to piggy-back ride, Spidey-climb and hover above, or act as a carpet for others to stand on, but I think it can be done.

Make friends...otherwise, you'll be lonely on your taxi ride from the airport...even if you can't see your newly-made friend for the giant luggage wedged between the two of you because there is no more room in the trunk because you and your friend are both girls and you inevitably packed a lot of stuff.

Make friends...otherwise, you can't buy any these necessities from the plane's SkyMall:

*bug thwarting sleeping cocoons

*sushi pillows

 *Yeti garden statues

*armadillo beverage holders

*Yeti tree statues

Make friends, people. You need 'em.



"Change your thoughts and change your world."

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