Wednesday, May 16, 2012

It's-a Roma!

Since I can't get photos off of my phone right now to post (and I have 5 blogs written that need pictures), I thought I would let you know that:
Yes, I did make it to Rome!
And yes, it is beautiful!
And yes, I have already managed to hurt myself!

Okay, the last one is not as exciting as the first two, however, my foot will HOPEFULLY be better soon. I have somehow managed to pull a muscle or something in the top of my foot. I wore sandals yesterday...bad idea. Now, I can't hardly walk...and yes, I am serious.

Our wireless internet does not like us, so it will not let me connect my Blackberry, and most of the time, it will not even let me get internet on my laptop.

Here's a picture of Amber and I at Piazza Navona on Monday night (14th) after dinner!

I took that one with my point-and-shoot camera and now I am using my dSLR. I will post as much as I can on my blog once I figure out the best way to transfer pictures from my phone. Don't forget to post some "doits" (random things for me to do that will not get me arrested), comment on my blog, and follow me on Twitter at @lifeofbriana.

Arrivaderci! Love you all!


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